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"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?!" - Is Feminism Sexist? - marinashutup

I’ve been gotten a lot of really shitty anti-feminist comments on this video in the past few hours and even though I’ve deleted a ton, every time I check there’s like twenty more. So if you could share this and try and cancel out those comments that would be great!

this is beside the point but marina has the cutest voice

So this happened

So this happened

So this happened

So this happened

If you think I’m too old to watch Adventure Time, and enjoy it, we can’t be friends. This fucking show is beautiful. It talks about sexuality, gender, politics, mother fucking sense of self. Shit I need to be reminded of in my adult life, and this show fucking nails it. They don’t fucking beat around the bush about it, there’s no wink to the audience like “and he never got married” Adventure Time shoves shit in your face and you’re just there like “wow, fuck. I need to figure out my life. Thanks Jake, Bmo, Finn, etc.”

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*logs out*

I do not want to fuck Squidward. I do not want to fuck Plankton. I do not want to fuck characters from my childhood. Nope, nothing but pure thoughts about Spongebob Squarepants….

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I just saw this episode today and me and my brother looked at each other and was like, this show gets it

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EEEEEP!! I just found out a pretty girl likes me! I’ve had a crush on her for so long and I just found out it’s reciprocated! She’s pretty, and smart, and hilarious, and sarcastic, and just awesome and I have a date this weekend with her!! EEEEEEEPPPPPP

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It’s like Marvel is really trying to piss people off, lol. 


calling it, whoever the new iron man is they won’t be straight. marvel’s tryna go for the trifecta.

Nothing makes me more pleased than Marvel making Marvel fanboys angry about genuinely good and interesting comic choices.

Gay iron man is gonna be fuckin just as much as straight iron man too. Bet. Lol

Queer Iron Man is definitely a concept I could get behind.

Guys, Pansexual Ironman. He just explains it to people like, “Why would I limit myself to one type of person to be attracted to?” Explaining it, while simultaneously insulting whoever asked because he’s still Tony Stark.

I keep seeing selfies of people meeting super famous people and I’m over here standing behind Craig Anton at Starbucks too nervous to ask him anything…

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I wanna draw about 30 eyes, so reblog perhaps?

Reblog for an eye based off your blog, ONLY 30 PLZ

They’ll look like this (mine’s super bland, whatever)


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